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It’s surprising how much I’ve learned from the internet

…and most recently, thanks to following goldenheartedrose (minionier’s suggestion, and they’re both awesome and thoughtful in what they post) I’ve been learning a lot about autisim and that spectrum. I usually don’t reblog because it’s not something that I personally know a lot about and haven’t really encountered irl, but I’ve definitely learned a lot by reading the arguments/conversations.

Today at lunch one of friends was talking saying that when one of her friends wants to be funny or get attention he “acts autistic” - not like he actually has autism, but to create a funny situation.

I thought this was pretty offensive (along the same lines at “acting black” or “acting blonde” i.e. negative stereotyping) and asked her “What do you mean by that? People with autism vary widely in how their autism is expressed; you probably have friends with autism that are either not diagnosed or they just hide it from you.”

The entire group didn’t say anything and after a short pause changed the topic.

Why is it so easy for us (my group of friends) to debate issues like homosexuality and racism but when I start a serious conversation about autism they can’t say anything?